Dear NY Yankees re: Nationals June 18 game

Total Delay - Approximately 5 hours and 25 minutes

I really want to see the attendance announcement during the 8th inning. If I see 45-46,000, I really want to shout bullcrap!!! Who can bet only several thousand are still there in the stadium? (About 10,000 were at the game)

I understand that we won't play the Nationals after this 3-game series. I understand the importance of trying to play this game.

I couldn't go today, so my friend and his father went and they waited five hours before leaving. Essentially, they could not get any details from Guest Services. They were told a 3pm start, then a 4pm start, then 5:15pm, and eventually 6:30pm. They were pretty much frustrated just like many other fans.

So the fans that had tickets from the grandstand to the premium seats lose out since they're going to play the game after all. Is that still right after what the fans have endured? Since fans could not leave the stadium during the delay, they were essentially held as "prisoners." It was either stay and keep on waiting, or leave and lose out that $20 to $2000 ticket. Is that still right?

Common sense would dictate that if were 1-2 hours, I am sure fans would tolerate it. But everyone saw the weather outlook. If this game was the last of the season, fans would stay. If this were a game that would determine the postseason, the fans would stay.

So right now the Yankees are basically screwing over 3/4 of the fans that could not stay or did not come because of the weather. Can we at least consider some bit of compensation? Like using our ticket to another game? We are not asking for much, just an opportunity to make up one game.

UPDATE 6/19/09

Yankees announced that fans who could not go to the game or they went home during the rain delay will be able to use their game ticket to another Yankees game for no charge. So fans can still get to see another game, and fans who went are pretty much given a free game. That is good news and most considerate of them.


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