The CWRU Film Society's summer "vacation"

This summer, the University is starting on the 2nd phase of rennovating Strosacker Auditorium for classroom use. The big changes are a long-overdue replacement of the eletrical and lighting systems (no more lights flickering spastically in the middle of movies--woo-hoo!), and the resurrection of the built-in movable chalkboard (a double-decker similar to the ones in Schmitt). The chalkboard part will be pretty messy--it will involve rebuilding most of the front wall:

  • remove the existing screen frame & tilt mechanism (tempermental and long-unused); replace with fixed-position frame about 11" from the wall
  • remove the portion of the wall below the screen door; attach it to the door itself so that the entire wall moves up, not jus the part in front of the screen & chalkboards.
    This is needed since the door (and part of wall below it) is about 2 feet thick, thus leaving most normal-sized people standing too far away from the challkboard to comfortably write on more than a very narrow section.
  • replace the rather large subwoofer current built into the lower wall section. Fortunately the same company that made the excellent main-channel speakers (left/center/right) also makes low-profile subwoofers.

We've already removed the old screen to take measurements for a new frame, and allow the contractors to see what exactly will be involved in the work they are bidding on:

Meanwhile, back in the projection booth, we're finally installing various bits and pieces that will alllow us to use the Dolby Digital sound tracks on most modern film prints instead of the old analog Dolby tracks. At the same time, the sound head retrofit will allow us to run prints made with the new cyan dye track analog format.


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Does this mean no more screaming of "Widescreen Stereo"?! :o

Posted by Nicole Sharp on July 9, 2005 01:10 PM

Oh, good heavens no! The whole point of the excercise is to get *better* stereo for you to scream at :-)

(or, in the case of analog stereo prints, to maintain the existing quality level when the print format changes)

Cheesey as it is, I suspect we will continue running the "Wide Screen Stereo" snipe at least as long as we run Casablanca for the Orientation weekend opener (i.e., forever).

Posted by Jim on July 9, 2005 01:57 PM

Personally, I feel that Casablanca should run forever. As, clearly, should the Widescreen stereo trailer. Those are traditions that should go up there with calling the bus service Greenies (even though they haven't been green since the 80s). Some things just shouldn't be changed.

Posted by Nicole on July 9, 2005 07:26 PM

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