History Channel gets an "F" in Chemistry

So there I was, surfing the net & eating dinner, with the TV on in the background. Oddly enough, I haven't bought or built a DVR yet, so I often have something like Discovery or the History channel on while waiting for the shows I really want (South Park, Futurama, Mythbusters--the usual intellectual fare).

Imagine my surprise when the background babble--the "Modern Marvels" eposide on "Metal"--started talking about how metals commonly form "alloys", and in fact are generally found in the form of "alloys" with oxygen. AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHH! Oxides are not alloys, you morons! They are compounds, which are very, very different things.

This compound/alloy confusion went on for the whole opening segment. Is it just me, or have standards for "edutainment" gotten entirely too low these days?

[The whole compound/alloy thing had me so rattled that I almost missed when they started talking about the wonderful alloy that is "bronze" while displaying a whole pile of what were clearly brass objects on screen]


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