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November 21, 2008

Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber : Jared as Artist

So tonight I went to a play. That's right - the theater. To see a live performance. This isn't something I normally do but since a friend of mine wrote the play I figured - why not?

To be honest I was a little nervous. But I have to tell you that I spent the entire time grinning from ear to ear and then I laughed my ass off. And I wasn't alone - everyone there was having just a great time. To try and describe the plot of 'Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber' would be - well difficult is an understatement. At the end of this posting I will include the formal description from the website.

The play was fun, clever, thoughtful, funny, dirty, and fun. The acting was great. The theater is very intimate and with the actors so close to you it would be easy to lose the authenticity of the performance - instead they sold it so well that you really felt immersed in the time and space.

The little things were everywhere, from the music (live and canned) to the lighting and bits of f/x everything fit so nicely. For years I told my friend Tom that I didn't really get theater. Well this wasn't me sitting in front of a fourth wall - I really did feel like I was in an experience that was special and that I was sharing it with those around me.

Ever go to a bar and hear a new band. And feel that you just discovered something? Feel that the band was really there playing for you? That's what I felt tonight. So kudos to the theater, kudos to the players, kudos to the director, and kudos to my good friend Tom Hayes who should be very proud of writing something so thoroughly enjoyable.

So get off your asses and go see it for yourself!


The description reads:

Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber

Cross the threshold into a lush and lascivious forest.

When a very nearsighted forest ranger stumbles upon two rough-and-tumble cowboys having a really good time roughly tumbling in the woods while camping, all manner of surreal gender-bending, shape-shifting, psyche-shattering mayhem erupts. Can the wily Ranger counter the carnal camp craziness, or will the howling power of the eternal forest overcome them all?

Posted by jeb2 at November 21, 2008 12:35 AM

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Such kind words! Thanks. For many of us, a person that does not regularly attend theater - discovering that not ALL theater is stodgy and locked in a frame to be hung on a wall & viewed from a distance... THAT, sir, is the ultimate compliment. Thank you for allowing yourself to experience "Lord/Lumber" instead of just watching!

It's been an honor to be involved in the process.

Ranger Roger Overkchht
aka Tyson

Posted by: Tyson Rand at November 27, 2008 04:40 PM

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