July 09, 2013

Band music

I've had a specific reason to get some band things up, and so I'm doing that.

First up is When Heroes Die, my attempt at a Grade 1 band piece. My wife likes this one a lot. It's basically a funeral march. This is a reading by the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony.

Next is a historical oddity, what I guess is my Opus One (age 17), Exordium. This is the Croswell-Lexington High School Band, directed by Paul Parets, recorded in 1974. It was done in a gym, with cheap cassette equipment even by 1974 standards, and a pretty primitive digital transfer. I'm going to have the entire concert digitized professionally; maybe they can pull some high frequencies out of thin air. The piece itself stands up pretty well, and has elements of "my voice", to the extent that I have one. The thin scoring in the middle left no margin for error (and error there was), but I'm not even sure I would have done that differently.

Then there's The Hi! in Hiram, one of three marches I wrote before I realized that I suck at writing marches. They're all civic-boosterish (Heroes of Jarbidge, Hi! in Hiram, Windham Bicentennial). I might revisit the scoring of this, to see if I can fill the middle a bit. I was short of horns and trumpets that year, and you can really tell. This is the Hiram Community Band, the band that appears once a year like Brigadoon, directed by a humble euphonium player who was Peter Principled onto the podium.

May 05, 2013

Wind quintet, and an anthem

First, the two completed movements from my Light and Variable Winds, 20 MPH, played by the Solaris Wind Quintet in concert, March 17, 2013


Assualt March of the Assistant Deputy County Environmental Safety Director, a strange little ditty made up entirely of political and national songs of various more-or-less odious regimes.

And then, from Mass this morning, the Mary Queen of Peace Schola Cantorum premieres my Shout joyfully to God (Offertory for Easter 5, but we did it on Easter 6, go fig). This is actually the piece twice, as we did it. The first time is better, but there was no way with the software at hand to edit the second away without it sounding abrupt. Done with a Tascam DR-05, with bad mic placement and level too low, so a lot of background noise, thurible clang, etc.

November 02, 2012

Shawm band stuff

From the Case Collegium concert of 10/21
Brassart fortis
Dufay Se la face a 4

April 29, 2012


Here is my Parvulus enim natus est nobis, as recently performed by the Case Concert Choir under Dr. Matthew Garrett. This is the bootleg version; the official professional recording will come soon.

"For unto us a Child is born..."

February 15, 2012

Because there isn't enough of my music on the Net...

Ok, it's almost-Lent, not All Souls, but here's an old chamber piece with a Halloweenish theme, Samhain Music, for English horn, viola, and string bass. The movements:
1. Autumnal separations (canonic rondo), which runs into:
2. Dance of the teenage Satanists
3. First night below
Performers are Margi Griebling-Haigh, Diana Packer, Scott Haigh (respectively)

And here's a set of songs, texts by a well-known poet:
1. One perfect rose
2. Interior
4. Fable
5. Frustration
sung by Florence Spencer with Viola Harwood at the piano.

The "Dry" Brautiganlieder, from 1975, about the earliest pieces of mine that I can still stand.
I. Romeo and Juliet
II. The Winos on Potrero Hill
III. Restaurant

The pianist is Nicholas Underhill, with some horrendous baritone who had no business singing solo in public.

Several piano pieces: Farewell to Guinness, and Wormburgers.

And a piece from grad school days, a trio for clarinet, viola, and piano, played by the Magnolia Ensemble.

January 27, 2012

Time for a few new pieces with a religious bent

First let's have On This Mountain, the piece just done at the New Voices @ CUA Festival in D.C. (This isn't that performance, but the premiere). It's for soprano, flute, oboe and piano

And here is Prayers in the Night Sky, for orchestra. Maybe stretching the religious theme a bit.

And while we're on religion, here's a religious piece of quite a different bent: Ritual for the Mother, for women's voices with flute and harp. Not sure I should be spreading paganism, but it is what it is.

And Huntress for orchestra is also a bit Old time Religion too, I'm afraid.

October 24, 2011

Some new choral music

Hi folks,

Here are some recent performances of choral works of mine, from the Cleveland Chamber Singers concert of 10/18:
Ave Maria
Mass for 5 Voices:
Agnus Dei