Extreme Makeover, Ethical Edition

Lovely Spouse (who will have been Lovely Spouse for a year come tomorrow) is not an Objectivist, or any other kind of philosopher. She'd never make it through Atlas Shrugged; she just doesn't read that fluently. But she THINKS, and doesn't blank out in the way so many intellectuals do when faced with inconvenient realities.

She used to be a faithful watcher of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". And I'd watch too, just because it was something to do together, a rare enough thing given our work schedules. But she's been getting away from it.

She clicked it on tonight, just after the bus got moved. And after a minute or two, she asked, "What did they do to earn such luxury?"

Earn? Earn?! The word was like a slap in the face.

But in the moral system of EMHE, it was accurate enough. One "earns" Ty's help by having Needs. Or, better yet, by helping the needy while having Needs oneself. The neediness is generally not self-inflicted (the show isn't THAT sick). But the solution to the need is generally so overdone as to make the initiating tragedy seem like winning the lottery. The beginning of Lovely Spouse's awakening was a show where she said, "But there's nothing wrong with that house!" Indeed, it was better in some respects than where we live.

Yes, folks, you thought it was just an hour-long commercial for Sears. It's an hour-long commercial for altruism, with happily ever after guaranteed (Has anyone ever LOST an Extreme Makeover house?). It's prepping you for government-supplied housing, as surely as Commander in Chief is a prep job for President Hillary Goddam Clinton.


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