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The Quick homestead: a pictorial biography

"Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go..."

Henry Quick and others.jpg
That's my great-great-grandfather, Henry Quick the sailor, on the far left. It's about a century ago.

Quick homestead 1950.jpg
Aerial view, ca. 1950. From left to right: barn, machine shed, chicken coop, kettle house, house, garage. Ma Quick's garden is at far right, along Geiger Rd. Small shed in lower left was the pumphouse. I don't recall the shed in upper center; it may have been gone when I was old enough to remember.

Old age:
George Quick Homstead.jpg
The farmhouse, about 5 years after Pa Quick died (ca. 1982)

Quickhouse 2007.JPG

Side of house, and garage:
Sidengarage2 2007.jpg

The chicken coop. The folks who own this live there.
Chickencoop1 2007.jpg

Where the kettle house and Ma's rock garden were:
Rockgarden1 2007.jpg

The barn:
Quick barn1 2007.jpg

Here's Grandmother's (and Grandfather's) new house:

My quartet on Sunday

I was just at a dress rehearsal for my string quartet, which will be performed Sunday night at 8PM at St. Paul's Episcopal at Coventry and Fairmount. The great pleasure of working with the Cleveland Chamber Collective is that they really dig in and play what I've written. They've done my stuff before, so it's not an alien style for them. There was not much at all to do...a little encouragement to play a bit faster and lighter, a couple balances to fix, one unauthorized rallentando to remove, and it was there. I was surprised at how big the sound was...not quite Grieg Op. 27 big, but nearly, and the duets and trios were a real relief to the ear. I'm not quite as convinced by the end of the finale as I'd like to be; it sounds like it was dashed off in 3 days (well, because it was). But it's fun. If Kronos had been the resident quartet at Esterhaza, this would have been a Haydn quartet.

Now...sax trio on April 25, then a 'cello and piano piece I haven't begun yet on April 27, and the Symphony on May 18. So y'all gonna get your butts moving and come to hear 'em?

All-Ciconia concert Sunday 8PM in Harkness

The Case Early Music Singers and Collegium Musicum will be doing a program Sunday night, devoted to the work of Johannes Ciconia. I don't know what exactly Early Music Singers are doing. The singers of the Collegium will be doing Sus une fontayne, Le ray ay soleil, and Una Panthera. I'm involved in the Alta Capella and recorder group, which consists of Debra Nagy, Doug Milliken, and (for 1 number) Adam Corzatt on slide trumpet. Debra and Doug are both members of the Naxos recording group, Adam and I aren't doing the "Ciaramella Farm Team" sign routine, this being a real concert and all. But it's a great privilege to play with them. We'll be doing La fiamma del to amor, O Padua, sidus preclarum and O virum omnimoda on shawms, and Deduto sey and O rosa bella on Doug's Marvin recorders.

A couple performances coming up

Allison Ballard will be doing the premiere of my Flute Sonata on Katherine DeJongh's flute studio recital, "Night of the Living Composers", at 7PM Friday at Harkness.

And on the 18th at 8 at St. Paul's Episcopal at Coventry and Fairhill, the Cleveland Chamber Collective will premiere my String Quartet in A.