Trio for Violin, Alto Saxophone and Piano

Written for and played by the Cleveland Duo & James Umble
I. Closer than they appear
II. The answered question
III. Battlefield dance

II and III are segue, but separate tracks on my CD, so imagine the break isn't here.


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Posted by:
Posted on: June 25, 2008 08:50 AM

REALLY nice!! A real pleasure to hear how your style is developing. Maturing, matured, pick whatever word you will take as the compliment it is intended to be. The Symphony in D is streaming now, and it's another nice piece of work. YAY you! Congrats -- :Dana

Thanks so much for the 3 MP3's. I love e first one, "Closer than they appear". The piano there is excellent!

Very beautiful music. Thank you for sharing. I love hearing classical music on the piano. And the trio enhanced these pieces of music.


Posted by: Camille, another saxophonist
Posted on: March 16, 2013 03:46 PM

Oh. my. god. My girls and I were searching for a nice trio to play for our last year graduation show and then i listened to II. The answered question.
Is they're a way I could get the sheet music for this part for violin, piano and saxophone ? thank you sooo much !

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