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Ag report

It's time for pictures from Black Water Farm! This is the cleanest garden I've ever had, if not necessarily the most productive. Cold weather crops are doing fine; the tomatoes and peppers, OTOH... Ignore the time stamps on the pictures; the setting was off and I couldn't figure out how to change it.


Here's the same thing from the back:

Closeup of those cole crops:

Here's the potatoes and sweet corn in back (not so pretty):

"I got some Golden Comets real cheap at the auction!" Uh, because they're boys? 'sawright...they're just waiting to be meat:

And here's a tragedy: the hen duck was murdered. Hubby has been hanging put near the chickens, just for companionship. So sad...


Last, I was going to bring you a photo of my favorite farm hand, but she vetoed it because it makes her nose look big. And she wonders why I never take pictures of her...