Some more songs

To start with, some anonymous Elizabethan PG13 silliness, My Love in Her Attire, sung by Mr. White.

Now, I set some Poe. I don't know if Poe was a mighty poet, or if these are just mighty po' songs. But here are all 3 of the Three Mighty Poe Songs from 1997, as sung by Mr. White with Paul Gothard at the piano:
To Helen

And finally, here are Three Songs for Bain (1994), which are meditations on death by Watts, Millay, and Whitman, written in memory of my teacher Bain Murray, and sung here by Andrew White (it might have been Paul Gothard on piano again...I forget which performance this was.)

I. After Psalm 90 (Watts)
II. In the Grave No Flower (Millay)
III. Whispers of Heavenly Death (Whitman)


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