Some songs

Here are some miscellaneous songs of mine.

First, a setting of Psalm 23. The flutist here is Allison Ballard, in her high school years. She later went on to become a student at Case (and circ assistant at Kulas Library).

Next, while we're being religious, here is Adoration of the Shepherds, sung by Andrew White. The poem is by Akron-area poet Brooke Horvath. I found out later that there's a whole cycle of these...I could create my own Marienleben.

Now, a nice little love song, Be Still As You Are Beautiful, sung by Allie Laurie.

The going gets weird with the next two. Lost Mistress with Sisters is a rare setting of one of my own poems, which happens more rarely nowadays since I'm a retired poet (and no longer a hormonally-deranged young man). That's Allie Laurie too. Then we have The Defiled Sanctuary, text by Blake, sung by Andrew White. The only other composer I know of who set this was Havergal Brian, and Andy thinks my setting is better.


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