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RIP Richard Nanes

I was going to add this to the comment thread here, but the system is apparently choking on my URLs, as if I was going to spam my own blog

Here's his obituary.

I see his website hasn't been updated yet. And this hasn't hit the Gaylord Music Library obituary page yet.

I don't know if "DN" is Daryl Nanes, his nephew....if so, I am sorry for your loss. But really, "hatefulness?" I re-read this, and the only bit that could be construed as ad hominem is my crack about short-bus special. The rest is entirely about the music. And if you're going to represent yourself as a composer, particularly with the excessive puffery of Nanes' approach to self-promotion, you should expect that people will judge your music, one way or the other. He may indeed have been a perfectly delightful man. But he sucked as a composer. So did Thomas Fawick, another entrepreneur/musician (from Cleveland), but Fawick stuck to salon pieces, and didn't have the budget or modern media to hawk his pieces.

Now Richard Nanes belongs to the ages. I predict that the ages will forget him, but I could be wrong. We remember Florence Foster Jenkins, Silas G. Pratt ("The Wagner of America"), Bulwer-Lytton, and various other panache-filled figures.

Some more songs

To start with, some anonymous Elizabethan PG13 silliness, My Love in Her Attire, sung by Mr. White.

Now, I set some Poe. I don't know if Poe was a mighty poet, or if these are just mighty po' songs. But here are all 3 of the Three Mighty Poe Songs from 1997, as sung by Mr. White with Paul Gothard at the piano:
To Helen

And finally, here are Three Songs for Bain (1994), which are meditations on death by Watts, Millay, and Whitman, written in memory of my teacher Bain Murray, and sung here by Andrew White (it might have been Paul Gothard on piano again...I forget which performance this was.)

I. After Psalm 90 (Watts)
II. In the Grave No Flower (Millay)
III. Whispers of Heavenly Death (Whitman)

Some songs

Here are some miscellaneous songs of mine.

First, a setting of Psalm 23. The flutist here is Allison Ballard, in her high school years. She later went on to become a student at Case (and circ assistant at Kulas Library).

Next, while we're being religious, here is Adoration of the Shepherds, sung by Andrew White. The poem is by Akron-area poet Brooke Horvath. I found out later that there's a whole cycle of these...I could create my own Marienleben.

Now, a nice little love song, Be Still As You Are Beautiful, sung by Allie Laurie.

The going gets weird with the next two. Lost Mistress with Sisters is a rare setting of one of my own poems, which happens more rarely nowadays since I'm a retired poet (and no longer a hormonally-deranged young man). That's Allie Laurie too. Then we have The Defiled Sanctuary, text by Blake, sung by Andrew White. The only other composer I know of who set this was Havergal Brian, and Andy thinks my setting is better.

Whole boatload of new podcastery

I recently got approached by a couple kids at Pittsburgh State who search-engined up my trio for violin, alto sax, and piano, found it here, and want to do it. Way cool! So I am inspired to get more of my stuff out here on da innerwebz.

So first we have my piece for brass quintet Chasmalim, which is published by Hoyt Editions (maybe still). The Chasmalim are the order of angels assigned to the sephirah Chesed. They correspond to the planet Jupiter and are in charge of good humor. This is by the Parergon Brass Quintet

While we're onto Joviality (and Hoyt Editions) here are the 3 movements of my Terzetto Joviale, played by the Mariah Wind Trio.
I. Sonata & Allegro
II. Duets & Choruses
III. Promenade & Fugue

And next, while we're doing stupid light pieces for winds, how about Picnic Music? This is the original recorder version, not the subsequent flute quartet. It was recorded by me and a bunch of buds, so don't expect Amsterdam Loeki Stardust, 'kay?
I. (no title)
II. Cage is Dead
III. Reel: the Humours of Tremont

Time for another podcast: Responsoria

It's been awhile...
Here is a performance of 3 motets from my Responsoria (1998) by Cantores Cleveland, at Christ Episcopal in Shaker Hts, 2/22/09.

I. In Monte Oliveti
III. Ecce vidimus eum
VII. Eram quasi agnus innocens