Another podcast: choral things

OK, first we'll have the Missa Oculi Virginis. It was commissioned by Louis Hill for the choir of St. James Anglican Catholic Church, to serve as an easy Latin Ordinary for Marian feasts. It is based on the tune "Farley Castle" by Henry Lawes, which is found in The English Hymnal (217) paired to a text by Bishop T. Ken which begins "Her Virgin eyes saw God incarnate born"; hence the the title "Virgin Eyes Mass". The melody is used as a chorale in the tenor voice, as a source of motives, in retrograde, and briefly as a cantus firmus. The Credo is not set. The total duration is six and one-half minutes. Not the best of all possible performances, but it gets the point across.

Here, for the upcoming season, is a setting of a poem by Robert Herrick, Christmas Ceremonies, sung by the Old Stone Singers. Quite a different mood entirely.


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