Mass in Honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe wins prize.

Around noon, I had a brief visit from James Flood, President of the Foundation for the Sacred Arts and music teacher at The Lyceum, whom I had just met Friday as a library patron. He stopped in to tell me that, after being judged by Susan Treacy, William Mahrt, and Richard Rice (and who better to judge me here below?), my _Mass in Honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe_ has been awarded First Prize ($4000) in the International Sacred Music Competition for Composers. The public premiere will be on August 14 by the choir of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC, under Dr. Peter Latona.

A bunch of my buds had done a demo in February, which I've been sitting on pending results of the contest. Since we have those, there's no need to hide it anymore. So here it is! Thanks to all those who made it possible (including and especially God).
Penitential rite
Glory to God
Gospel accamation
Holy holy
Memorial acclamation A
Memorial acclamation B
Memorial acclamation C
Great Amen
Lamb of God


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I had no idea they gave prixes for the best Mass, seems a little strange.

How did the premiere go?

I thought you might do a follow up post but since you haven't yet I thought I'd check.

Follow-ups at my other blog (I mostly just put music here these days.)

Some touristy stuff in slightly earlier entries.

I never thought that there could be a contest for the best mass. This is the first time I heard such a thing.

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