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Because there isn't enough of my music on the Net...

Ok, it's almost-Lent, not All Souls, but here's an old chamber piece with a Halloweenish theme, Samhain Music, for English horn, viola, and string bass. The movements:
1. Autumnal separations (canonic rondo), which runs into:
2. Dance of the teenage Satanists
3. First night below
Performers are Margi Griebling-Haigh, Diana Packer, Scott Haigh (respectively)

And here's a set of songs, texts by a well-known poet:
1. One perfect rose
2. Interior
4. Fable
5. Frustration
sung by Florence Spencer with Viola Harwood at the piano.

The "Dry" Brautiganlieder, from 1975, about the earliest pieces of mine that I can still stand.
I. Romeo and Juliet
II. The Winos on Potrero Hill
III. Restaurant

The pianist is Nicholas Underhill, with some horrendous baritone who had no business singing solo in public.

Several piano pieces: Farewell to Guinness, and Wormburgers.

And a piece from grad school days, a trio for clarinet, viola, and piano, played by the Magnolia Ensemble.