Wind quintet, and an anthem

First, the two completed movements from my Light and Variable Winds, 20 MPH, played by the Solaris Wind Quintet in concert, March 17, 2013


Assualt March of the Assistant Deputy County Environmental Safety Director, a strange little ditty made up entirely of political and national songs of various more-or-less odious regimes.

And then, from Mass this morning, the Mary Queen of Peace Schola Cantorum premieres my Shout joyfully to God (Offertory for Easter 5, but we did it on Easter 6, go fig). This is actually the piece twice, as we did it. The first time is better, but there was no way with the software at hand to edit the second away without it sounding abrupt. Done with a Tascam DR-05, with bad mic placement and level too low, so a lot of background noise, thurible clang, etc.


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