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Band music

I've had a specific reason to get some band things up, and so I'm doing that.

First up is When Heroes Die, my attempt at a Grade 1 band piece. My wife likes this one a lot. It's basically a funeral march. This is a reading by the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony.

Next is a historical oddity, what I guess is my Opus One (age 17), Exordium. This is the Croswell-Lexington High School Band, directed by Paul Parets, recorded in 1974. It was done in a gym, with cheap cassette equipment even by 1974 standards, and a pretty primitive digital transfer. I'm going to have the entire concert digitized professionally; maybe they can pull some high frequencies out of thin air. The piece itself stands up pretty well, and has elements of "my voice", to the extent that I have one. The thin scoring in the middle left no margin for error (and error there was), but I'm not even sure I would have done that differently.

Then there's The Hi! in Hiram, one of three marches I wrote before I realized that I suck at writing marches. They're all civic-boosterish (Heroes of Jarbidge, Hi! in Hiram, Windham Bicentennial). I might revisit the scoring of this, to see if I can fill the middle a bit. I was short of horns and trumpets that year, and you can really tell. This is the Hiram Community Band, the band that appears once a year like Brigadoon, directed by a humble euphonium player who was Peter Principled onto the podium.