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I feel safer already

We just got the report of the Special Security Task Force, which was set up after the Virginia Tech shootings. I don't recall if there was a Special Security Task Force after Bizzy Halder's Excellent Adventure. If there was, wasn't this one redundant? And if not, why not?

I don't want to give these guys a hard time; I'm sure they worked long and hard on this. Besides, most of them outrank me. Most of this document makes good sense. Particularly praiseworthy was the decision to not implement building lockdown. This is kidnapping, and if anyone were injured because they couldn't escape a building, there would be a huge liability issue. I'm not nuts about the "training session" mandate, since we're kind of trained and meetinged to death as it is. But rationally, I can't see any way around it, if this is going to work.

But, under "Prevention", we have this:

g. "No firearms" postings on buildings should be completed.

I'm not going to go off again on the campus as victim-disarmament zone; been there, done that. But that these signs will "prevent" a tragedy is simply laughable. I'm sure that if there'd been a big red circleslash-bangtoy sign on the doors of PBL, that Biswanath Halder would have just turned around and taken his cheap guns home -- NOT! Meanwhile, they just make the campus feel like a siege zone. Maybe they're to prevent lawsuits when the university fires/arrests/shoots anyone who is packing. Not being a lawyer, I'm not sure how effective they'd be in that. But I'm real sure that a person out to commit a capital crime doesn't care about other rules either.