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Not quite getting the Herrenvolk thing

"But we like you...you wouldn't hurt us, would you?"

"After the first days of jubilation were over, we were aghast to learn that while I am eligible to vote, my wife, being stigmatized and inferior because of her Jewish heritage, must stand aside," wrote Franz Ippich of Salzburg.

"So I decided ... to ask you: Please erase the dishonorable, Jewish heritage of my wife, which is not her own fault ... (by doing so) my wife's and my offspring will become your loyal and enthusiastic followers who will bless you for all your life."

The letter went unanswered, and Ippich fled with his wife for South America.

From a recently-published collection of letters to Hitler.

You think Arafat was a bad choice for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Wrap your mind around this phrase: "Nobel Peace Prize nominee Adolf Hitler..."

Not just Japanese soldiers...

...were served by Japanese "comfort women":

"Sadly, we police had to set up sexual comfort stations for the occupation troops," recounts the official history of the Ibaraki Prefectural Police Department, whose jurisdiction is just northeast of Tokyo. "The strategy was, through the special work of experienced women, to create a breakwater to protect regular women and girls."

No problem with that, except that apparently some women were coerced or defrauded into going into that work. Apparently (unlike during the war) no foreign nationals were conscripted. Price was 15 yen, cost of half a pack of cigarettes.

MacArthur closed 'em down, because it wouldn't play well back home, and because a quarter of his troops had VD.

I am so disillusioned...

The Roman Catholic statesman Noah, Chief Seattle, made a speech in 1854. That speech was transcribed and embellished from incomplete notes 33 years later, and further added to (the parts that everyone quotes) in the 60s, culminating in the "canonical version" in the eco-propaganda film Home in 1971. And thus the Chief has become posthumously a great philosopher, while the thrust of his original speech is, "Guys, they're offering us money for our land...which is pretty generous, because they can just take it anyway...so lets go along to get along."

Funny how this never gets quoted though:
"But why should we repine? Why should I murmur at the fate of my people? Tribes are made up of individuals and are no better than they."
The source of my disillusionment, linked by Bidinotto.