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Michael Savage: healer??

Before he was a star of national talk radio, Michael Savage was a doctor of nutritional ethno-medicine, a scholar in the fields of medical botany and medical anthropology....Savage is a parent, too, and the author of a remarkable 17 books on the subject of health and nutrition.

So saith WorldNetDaily, while shilling the remainders of Savage's Healing Children Naturally, which has a total of TWO holdings on WorldCat. And a search under author "Michael Savage" on keywords "health" and "nutrition" (just in case there was a bibliographically different Michael Savage from the notorious "Michael Savage 1942-") brought up nothing else.

Ah, but something in that record brought me to Michael Savage's authority record, and it turns out he "is the same person as" Michael A. Weiner, who did publish a number of natural healing books. God only knows why he went into talk radio, but clearly. being a talker with the name Weiner would not do. As James Taranto says, "It's the eponymy, stupid!"

Leave it to Cleveland to screw up a good thing

The West Side Market is getting new display cases, and the vendors are not happy about it...and the city is not happy about the vendors rallying grass-roots opposition on city property. The city claims that the vendors were offered input; the vendors say otherwise. By the looks of the picture, the damn things are so tall that you can't serve a customer over one. Nothing like spending $3 million to fix something that wasn't broke.

A good time to stop taking Vitamin C.

On the heels of studies showing that artificial isolated Vitamin C really doesn't do much for your health comes a big spike in the price of ascorbic acid, 80% of which is made in China. The companies blame more stringent Chinese pollution controls and a spike in the price of corn, but the 4 major producers are facing a price-fixing suit in New York. Ironically, the Chinese took over after Clinton's Justice Department broke up "the vitamin cartel" in the West.

It would have no impact on the food-preservation uses, but maybe we should all be munching acerola berries or rose hips instead.

Burger Booger wars

Jack in the Box is being sued by Carl's Jr. for a puerile set of ads which imply that Carl's Black Angus is really Black Anus.

Given that Jack in the Box's chief claim to fame is spreading E. coli, that takes some stones.

Charles loses his head over Mickey D's

Prince Charles is letting his name go to his head:

The Prince spoke as he and the Duchess of Cornwall visited a diabetes centre in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and watched children packing healthy lunch boxes to encourage awareness of the disease.

As nutritionist Nadine Tayara told him they discourage children from eating fast food, he retorted: "Have you got anywhere with McDonald's, have you tried getting it banned? That's the key."

Right, mate, got to exercise that Divine Right of Kings.
Maybe he should meditate on what happened to the FIRST King Charles.

And if you click the link, check out the comparison between a Big Mac and a Cornish pasty. Not precisely a ringing endorsement for traditional food, is it?

Cheese is junk?

And speaking of the British, who are known for their efficient bureaucracies, they've got a ban on advertising junk food on children's TV shows. The definitions are very objective, based on amounts of fat, salt, and sugar per 100 grams, and have nothing to do with positive nutrient values. Thus, cheese is junk food because of its fat content.(The cheese pictured in the article is probably pretty junky.) Breast milk would qualify as junk food too, were it an item of commerce. But diet soda? Bring on the neurotoxins! Ketchup is junk (here it's a vegetable). And Marmite, at 11% salt, is definitely out. (Most Americans would debate whether Marmite is even a food, let alone a junk food.)

It's not Satan, it's soy

...that's turning our boychildren into homosexuals. Coming from a minister, this is quite refreshing. Or is it Satan selling soy?

Either way, soy is what food eats. Don't eat it unless you want to be food. And yeah, Rutz says natto is OK. Did he ever eat the stuff?