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Desmond Tutu sees the future

Archbishop Tutu has awakened to the condition of The Country Formerly Known as Rhodesia. Too bad his words indicate he's still wide asleep:

The extent to which the crisis could have been mitigated through more efficient economic management is a matter for debate by people better-qualified than me.

The problem with the Zimbabwean economy exists precisely to the extent that it's been "managed."
The world must act on the African concept of ubuntu, or "inter-dependency" by working to end the crisis, he said. "Zimbabwe's plight is all of our plight. To ignore its suffering is to condone it."

There's lots of interdependency in Z-we: depend on Zanu-PF or else. And South Africa and the US have their little Bobby Mugabes too, so it is all our plight.

It doesn't sound as if Tutu objects to the principles of Mugabe so much as their inevitable results.