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The Blog Entries Are Rolling In

We've had several good blog entries pop up during the Beta test. Jeff D'Abate uploaded a file and created an entry on Deploying Oracle Names. Dave Kovacic took the time to outline some of the services ITS offers and what they mean. On the lighter side, Dan Kowall talks about the lure of the doughnut and seems to make a commenter jealous. Even our CIO has gotten into the mix with his writeup on OneCleveland being a "community network". (How many places, after all, have any of their Chief Officers blogging... discounting Jonathan Schwartz over there at Sun Microsystem's Blogs, but you have to expect that with Tim Bray, co-creator of XML, working there these days.)

But, my favorite thus far has to be this one.

And, you might have noticed, by linking from this blog entry to all of those other blog entries, I have created the first "Trackback" inter-blog linking. Trackback — like remote comments.