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Spammers Have Your Email

I think it is time to face the fact, spammers have your email address. If you have more than one email address, they have those, too. They have all of them and they buy and sell and trade your email address to their hearts' content.

And, they send mail to your email address.

Boy!, do they send mail.

Once you have accepted this fact, you realize that hiding your email address, or obfuscating it on web sites, or whatever it is you try to do to keep it out of the hands of spammers... it's all useless. They have your email address. They just traded it to 97 of their closest spammer buddies. And, they just sold it (along with 1.7 million other email addresses) to a spam marketing house... and to an adult entertainment industry representative.

The Internet has moved on. We have different counter-measures to combat spam. Hiding email addresses is no longer necessary and is "officially" a deprecated practice.