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Software Center Sets New Bandwidth Record in November 2004

The Software Center broke its old bandwidth usage record last month — 1.424 Terabytes of data flowed from it out to the rest of the Internet ether.

Daily Usage Graph of Software Center WebServer, November 2004

That's a pretty impressive number considering it is just a single Apache server. A single Apache server that doesn't even do the Software Center full time. Most of the time, it's busy with (amongst others, too). Unbelievable. That's a pretty rock-solid web server.

Hourly Usage Graph of Software Center WebServer, November 2004

The biggest day seemed to be November 28th, which was the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That seems a little weird, but I guess when you need your software, you need it.

The top software downloads for November:


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    Let's think about that Big Number a bit...

    None of the software center files are on the server itself; they are all read from an NFS server. So that 1.4 TB has to be read from the net, and then written out to web clients (caching is assumed to be minimal since the free memory on the server isn't big enough to hold more than a couple CD-sized files).

    2.8 TB = 28 terabits (lazy math, and accounting for protocol overhead). Given a single gigabit ethernet connection, that would take 7.8 hours to move (again being lazy, and assuming half-duplex operation).

    So the web server is using basically one 8-hour day worth of I/O bandwidth each month.

    So, the other 96.6% of the bandwidth is available for the its-services web server, an LDAP server, BigBrother server, and whatever else we've dumped on that machine.