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Yes, I Still Need to Do the Create-Your-Blog-Wizard

Yes, I still need to do the "Create Your Blog Wizard," which will double as the "Change My Blog's Look and Feel Wizard." I, also, need to move the web root onto the NAS. However, I have been inundated with various account management issues. And, if it's not that, it has been rooting around the innards of the ITS-Services web server fulfilling requests of those people that make requests. And, then, there's the whole integration of the PeopleSoft Human Resources module — integrating it with the rest of the IT architecture so identities in that system are appropriately fanned out to the other systems: the Person database (a conglomeration database that holds all of the user accounts), SunONE Directory Server, Oracle Internet Directory, Active Directory, Legacy System, Kerberos, Email Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus appliances, etc., etc., etc.

So, where was I... ah, the "Create / Manipulate Your Blog Wizard": yea, that still needs to get done. In blog-news, I did spend a good portion of this evening beefing up the Blog@Case FAQ. More demos need to get written: using WebDAV, at least 3 different ways to integrate Flickr, create a normal style link blog, and whatever else that pops into my head.

Hopefully, when the blog service is released out into the wild, the more blog-affluent members of the Case community will write up their own blog entries illustrating how they did interesting things with their blogs.

After all, that's the whole point of blogs: self-sustaining grassroots.