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Busy (Edition 12/2004 - 1/2005)

This time of the year, the Winter break, is always busy at ITS. Projects all seek to deadline at this time or during the summer. It hampers being able to use vacation days.

On the good side, we have a lot of exciting announcements coming up. Blog@Case will be moved to completely open Beta. New features will be in place by then. Other new services will be coming online. And, new projects will start moving forward — projects involving Federated Identity, which I am particularly interested in and think that it could have quite an impact.

I've been shuffling my back-burners and front-burners a lot as projects get moved from "low priority" to "high priority" and back and forth again. However, it will be nice to move some of these out to the users, which will result in feedback, requests, and more work; but hey it's all in good fun.

I am going to be interested in seeing the uptake rate of these new services. Inertia has a way of keeping things slow at first, then a huge growth curve will rear, and then a steady state growth will be achieved. It should be interesting.