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Six Apart Bought LiveJournal

So, it is true, Six Apart bought LiveJournal. (Six Apart is the company that makes Movable Type, which is the publishing platform Blog@Case is based upon.)

What does this mean for Blog@Case? Will it halt the development of new features as we move into Open Beta of Blog@Case (and onward)? What about bug fixes, will Six Apart stop doing them? Will Blog@Case turn into a static code base that grows old and unmaintained as the world turns into TypeJournal/LivePad users?

Little. No. Doubt it. No.

Blog@Case, while based on MT, has itself grown. The core of it is still MT, but the extra features, numerous bug fixes, code changes conducive to scaling, etc. were all done in-house. Even if Mena had said, "there will be no new development of the Movable Type product outside of critical bug fixes; everyone should move to Typepad"; I would remain more worried about having to integrate their bug fixes than I would be worried about not being able to add new features. Adding new features to Blog@Case is easy compared to merging in Six Apart's bug fix releases of Movable Type.

But, there was something not addressed in Mena's post nor the LiveJournal Acquisition FAQ; and that is What exactly is happening to Movable Type? It is mentioned that, yes, all products (Movable Type, Typepad, and LiveJournal) will remain; but not much is mentioned on the future of MovableType. I would have liked to have heard:

We have a dedicated development staff of 4... no, 6... no 8, yes 8! people still actively working on Movable Type. We have plans on a dry erase board for Movable Type 4.0! We're adding more API calls to the plugin interface. We're improving template editing capabilities. We're integrating in a nice WYSIWYG editor for entry creation and comment posting forms. We're opening up the LiveJournal community aspect via FOAF/XFN/TypeFriend to create inter-blog social networks like Trackback did for inter-blog conversations! It's going to be awesome!

Nothing of that sort was done. But, no bother, neither a LiveJournal Acquisition FAQ or press release are the context for product announcements. Regardless, the entire brouhaha shouldn't affect Blog@Case.


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    From the livejournal end of things, some additional information has been offered by the creator/owner of the site. Basically, he claims that the major changes will focus upon sharing improvements. LJ will help Six Apart improve the inner-connectivity of blogs, developing a stronger internal community. Six Apart will give LJ prettier stylization options, along with Trackbacks.

    I have no idea how much you actually care - but there's a good deal of interesting conversation from a few days back over on livejournal and on the site of danah boyd

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    I have been keeping up with the news. I really don't think the effect on the Movable Type product will be huge. You can read my thoughts here.