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I don't know if you have ever heard of Gravatars, but they are basically a way to include a tiny avatar for each user in the comment section of a weblog (or, really, anywhere on the Internet) assuming that the commenting user has a gravatar associated with the email address they are using to post the comment.

I'm pretty neutral on them, but a lot of blog hosting services use them (

There is a plugin I can install that will enable them for Blog@Case. So, if anyone has a gravatar or would like to use them or whatnot, just let me know. Or not. Or whatever.

Bells and whistles. Bells and whistles. Gardening the blog system...


  1. gravatar

    I really like this idea -- my students who participated in the livejournal experiment sometimes uploaded their photos, and sometimes didn't, and I had a much easier time keeping track of who had which userid when there was a photo attached. I think this would help to build community on campus, too, as we recognize the photos of other people with MT accounts on Blog@Case...