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New Mailing List Manager

Just to spread the news, in addition to Blog@Case, ERP Human Resources Stuff, and new online directory [insert ITS collectively wiping sweat from brow]; we also introduced the new Mailing List Manager that will, one day, replace Majordomo and the other administrative aliases and that ilk. Feel free to play with it.

If you want to check out what is up to, you can surf the archives. And, boy, I can't wait for Googlebot to get a hold of those archives and index them. Then, the Helpdesk people could start fielding blog support calls merely by performing Google searches. Nice.

Update: Oh yeah, I should probably mention that, yes, there is search functionality built in to the new MLM, too. So, no, no need to wait for Googlebot. But, it will be nice once we have the power of Google.