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As a reward for reading my humble blog, I am going to give you a preview of the not-even-Beta, not-even-Alpha, yes, pre-Alpha feature I have been working on for the Blog@Case system.

I should point at that, at this moment, I am at home sick as a dog. I have always been under the impression that, as a young male, I don't get "sick." Rather, when a disease enters, I am at war and antibodies hopped up on adrenaline and testerone armed with Uzis and hand grenades make quick work of the invading germs (obviously, biology is not my strong suit). Before last year, I can't even remember the last time I got "sick." I was probably 8 years old, and I was probably, even then, just using it as an excuse to stay home from school. But, sometime last year, I got a cold; like, a "cold" in the sense of how the "other people" always described it. I considered it a fluke. But, then I got another one when the temperature dropped. I still considered it a fluke. But, now, here I am again, with a raging cough and expectorating some pretty vicious looking "stuff." I find this to be a very alarming trend. But, it does give me a chance to work on some interesting Blog@Case stuff; even though my head aches with congestion.

"Congestion"... I never thought I would live to hear myself whimper "oh, my poor head is congested..." I think I need to rearm my antibodies with heavier grade weaponry.

A little while ago, I mentioned my vision of Blog@Case Topics. Well, I got some preliminary work done. How it works is, when you post an entry on the Blog@Case system, and you label it with one or more categories; those categories are used to aggregate entries together. So, what you have are "Topic Arenas" or "Knowledge Centers". I always use the example of Law Professors posting about "law" or "copyrights" or "personal injury." Well, all of the entries on those topics automagically get thrown together. Think of it like tags or Flickr tags; and they can be used to do cool things like Technorati Tags.

So, anyways, I have a category Programming. So, if you go to, you'll see all of the entries from the entire Blog@Case system labeled "Programming." Yes, it is in XML. I will be using XSLT to change it into XHTML for nicer display in browsers. But, it's really not for browsers. It's for machines. It's for other people (or just me) to program against and do interesting things with it. Of course, if you have a topic you like, the XML vocabulary I am using is Atom; so anyone can subscribe to it in their favorite topic in a news aggregator, too.

Still needs a lot of work. Still need to do the XSLT that will make it browser displayable. But, it's there if you want to play with it.


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    Kudos to you on the blog project, and I hope you feel better soon.

    Question: Will it be possible to set up a blog for a department that can be used by the group and only viewed by the group? I was meeting with some folks today who could use such a blog for their research but their comments to one another must remain confidential. If it can be done it would be a great resource for their project. Keep up the good work and drink some hot lemonade with honey. While not curative, it is reassuring and tasty.

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    Nancy, you stayed home with 'mono' all throughout finals first semester of our junior year.

    Girly man.

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    you stayed home with 'mono' all throughout finals first semester of our junior year.

    Mono doesn't count as being "sick." Getting a cold or catching the flu, that's being sick. Mono is different.

    But, yes, I had forgotten having Mono during finals our Junior year. How long ago was that? 6 years ago? No, it couldn't have been that long ago. 4 years ago?

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    I've had several people ask about setting up "private" group blogs. I've been discussing their needs with them, and I am not sure a "private group blog" is something they want. But, sure, we could experiment with them.