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Ruby on Rails Example

Writing a small cookbook application using Ruby on Rails
Okay, I'm sold. I need to get playing with this.


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    I think the only thing that makes it look so simple is that all the database stuff is shown being managed through a Windows GUI, which isn't always an option. Database stuff is, in my experience, where any web application starts to get ugly. I've heard a lot about Ruby on Rails in the Python community, but frankly this article leaves me unimpressed.

    Forgive me for nitpicking...

    - "Perl's pragmatism": this is the last thing I would ever want to tell potential users ;)

    - Even with all the Windows installers, it still appears to take just as many, if not more steps to get working than most other frameworks I've used

    - Sorry for picking on Ruby itself again--I guess the syntax/readability might be an improvement if you're coming from Perl, to me it still looks ridiculous

    - Overall I like it more than it sounds like I do. At least it looks nice & neat & self-contained. I'd much rather use this than PHP.

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    I'm working on a "One-Click Ruby Server" installer for windows that will include apache, ruby, rails, and mysql -- all preconfigured and ready to roll. That'll make setup dead-simple (probably won't be ready for a couple months, though).

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    one-click ruby server would be very nice. when?