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Bob Lutz, GM Big Wig and Vice Chairman of the company, has a blog. Under normal circumstances, this is no big deal. Every company and their mother company right now wants blogs because they have become a buzzword. A marketing term that people sling around without understanding their meaning(s) or their impact(s). And, devoid of that understanding, you end up with a company blog that is incredibly... incredibly boring.

This is not the case with GM's Bob Lutz. Read his most recent entry Best in Class? Taste for Yourself. He takes the auto press to task for being biased. And, if you look at the entry, you will notice he has comments and Trackbacks turned on in a defiantly fearless way. He is imploring consumers to engage in the market conversation.

And, he's really not pulling any punches and is not afraid of being frank. Pulling two quotes from the comments section of the entry On Design Interiors in which he responds:

I would admit that the Accord has a great interior, as does Acura. But we're talking much higher prices there. When the G-6 4-cylinder versions come out, you'll see a substantial price difference in our favor to Accord.


The G-6 interior was work in progress. It "works" for most customers at the price point. But what you're seeing is only phase one in our assault on interior quality. Did you take a look at seat tailoring? Carpet fits? Sheet metal quality in terms of door gaps, hood gaps, hem flanges? We used to be bad at those, too. Now I'll invite comparison with anybody, any price class, any national origin.

Bob Lutz "gets" blogging.

Don't think blogs have an impact? Heard of Scoble? Or, Microsoft's Channel9 blogs? (hosting Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog)? Still not buying it, read the krypronite factor.


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    googleblog may be kinda boring, but it did lead me to a picture of one of my classmates from high school and Case.