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Blog@Case Gets nofollow

Before I say anything else, I do not believe the nofollow link metadata does any ounce of good in the fight against blog spam. Not one ounce. Spammers do not care. They target your site and let it rip. 5 hours later, they'll see if their programs have accomplished anything. If not, oh well, on to the next target.

Furthermore, I do believe the nofollow plugin for Movable Type is like throwing the baby out with the bath water because it is uniformly applied to any third party supplied link: comments and trackbacks, mostly. You know what, I don't mind giving legitimate commenters and trackback-ers a little Google-juice from my site. I actually want to give it to them.

However, some trackback and comment spam have seeped through MT-Blacklist. It was bound to happen. I just hoped I would have a chance to implement some more interesting techniques I have come up with before this started happening. But, it's happened. And, at the very least, I don't want the spammers getting rewarded for making it through.

No Google-juice for spammers!

So, the Blog@Case system has the nofollow plugin installed and uniformly applied across all the blogs. Once I get a chance to return to doing some development work on the system, I plan to disable it. At the very least, I want it integrated with MT-Blacklist such that comments and trackbacks with a 90% probability of being good are not affected. Only the questionable 10% that squeak by are slapped with the nofollow fine.

This is just a small step. Hopefully, soon, very soon; I will have more exciting announcements coming about the system. I have a lot of user feedback and a lot of ideas on my own I would like to implement.

P.S. If you want to read in an interesting article, check out The Register's Interview with a link spammer. They are bad people.