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Maribel posted a picture of herself, and I thought that that was a good idea. I find that it is always nice to be able to picture the person whom you are reading.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of myself. Sure, I have plenty of pictures of my car; but no head shots of myself. Scrounging around through emails, I did come up with some pictures of myself; but nearly all of them take place in a pub of some sort, which is not something I want to post on my work blog.

Finally, I found an old one. This is probably 4 or so years old, but it's all I have.


From this weekend, there were a couple of in-car pictures snapped of me while driving. You can't really see too much of my face because I have my hat pulled pretty low. (What can I say, it was freakin' cold out with the top down.) But, it is recent.


The funny thing is, when this picture was taken, I was engaged in a righthand 90° turn at 45-55mph with the back end sliding out on me desperately trying to set myself up for the next lefthand 270° 2nd-gear sweeper. I look so calm. I assumed, after noticing the camera flash, I would be making one heck of a funny grimace. Guess not. Business as usual in the Miata, I suppose.


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    Cute car

    Babelfish has its uses but fr can't really translate. It was a good try.
    I may post a translated version in a while.

    Thanks for your post, I am new at this.

    ....learning a lot from your blog.