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More Miata

Last weekend, I headed South to Springfield, OH to have some Miata fun. Here are some pictures.

The friend that I was visiting, Scott, also has a Miata. He's a fellow Solo II racer, and it was, actually, driving his Miata where I fell in love with the car. Alas, though, his Miata was inoperable for the weekend as it was getting a shiny new exhaust.


His new exhaust manifold — a header.


In the block:


But, that's enough pictures of his stuff. On to more important stuff, mainly, my car. On Saturday, we bounced around the city and took pictures. These two pictures are my favorites.

miata_front_in_park.jpg miata_passenger_side_angle_shot_in_park.jpg

I like this picture, too — the contrasting black color of the car in front of the drab green, white, and gray of the building.


This is, obviously, the thug-life version of the Miata.



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    Nice Miata!!

    How do you win with the new exhaust??


    Mauricio (mmarchant_ec at forum)
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    Nice Miata and nice modifications.