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Groupware Bad should be required reading for anyone in the technology business. (Watch that link, it contains language that may potentially be blunt if not offensive.) Many people seem to forget technology is for users. Too many want to setup systems only to check them off a list; to say that, "yep, we set that up" regardless of whether or not the new system ended up helping anyone.

Worry less about checking something off a list; worry more about creating systems that you not only want other people to use but that you want to use yourself.

I wouldn't be much of a developer if I had setup Blog@Case and never used it myself now, would I?

The entire Internet linked to jwz's article, today. The most interesting was Tim Bray's, which ended up talking about the most used "collaboration" technologies at Sun.

Chat and wikis are not exactly what the collaborative-future visionaries
of past years had in mind. But they seem to hit an awfully-big
80/20 point... for now, VPN, chat, and wikis feel like they’re at the centre of the near-term future.

This caused me to start thinking about what many of us in ITS use. We certainly use email a lot, but I suspect that that's true in most organizations. Subsets of us sit on AIM, but it's used sparingly unless someone is working remotely. There's a growing contingent of us that use an internal Wiki, but the software we use is, quite honestly, the worst Wiki software I have ever used; and I'm the one who implemented it here (again, that's for another entry).

There's a golden egg to be found somewhere in the middle of all of this. Someone who could identify it could make quite a name for him or herself.


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    Yes! Tech for the users. Novel idea, eh? I am glad somebody else agrees.