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Don't Create News Sites Without RSS Feeds

Great passionate post from Microsoft blogger, Scoble: No RSS? No downloads? No interaction? Fake content? You're fired!

"Hey, Scoble, we've done a fun site but no one is linking to it."

My first question?

"Do you have an RSS feed?"

"No, this site is for non geeks."

At that point I just lost it. I think I swore a bit. I am so mad 20 hours later that I can't even remember what I said.

That demonstrates an utter cluelessness about how hype gets generated. If you don't have RSS, how will anyone who is a connector build a relationship with your site?

Sorry, if you do a marketing site and you don't have an RSS feed today you should be fired.

I'll say it again. You should be fired if you do a marketing site without an RSS feed.

Saying that RSS is only for geeks today is like saying in 1998 that the Web was only for geeks.

This is true. Ever since I entered Stage III of the Internet, I no longer pay attention to sites without syndicated feeds.


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    Ok, I'll bite. Do the blogs we create on the Case server automatically have these feeds you refer to or is there something extra that we have to do?

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    Nothing extra is required. You have an RSS feed. It is located at

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    I clicked the RSS button on my blog home page. The Safari browser gave me garbled stuff but the IE browser showed me the page.

    My question is that since this RSS feed button exists on my page, does it imply that I can modify it or do something with it? My question is whether I am expected to do anything to take advantage of the fact that the RSS feed exists and if so what. Or do I leave it strictly alone and it is there to tell me it is there?