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Choosing a New Wiki Engine

For anyone following along my blog entry topics, I have been evaluating Wiki engines for internal use of ITS. Currently, we do have a Wiki — Kwiki. It was a nice first stab at setting up a Wiki, but the system is woefully suboptimal. While it's dead simple to install and use, it's lack of power and features become apparent rather quickly: it's slowslowslow, authentication/authorization options are limited, you can't use dashes in Wiki Nodes (weird), etc.

So, I have been looking to setup a new one. Right now, I have widdled down the field to two contenders: DokuWiki and TWiki, with DocuWiki slightly in the lead.

For those playing along at home, here are my general requirements:

DocuWiki seems real nice. You can check out its locally hosted (thus, biased, but still a bit relevant) Wiki Engine Comparison Chart. But, again, its authn/authz options seem hauntingly limited, too. TWiki, on the other hand, I have witnessed being used underneath a Shibboleth umbrella, so I know its authn/authz features are extendable/customizable.

In the end, though, there is nothing stopping me from digging into the DocuWiki code and getting that to work with Shibb. I'll consider it a learning experience; so that's the way I am leaning.