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Why can't I type in to login to the ERP system? Actually, I can't seem to find a link to it anywhere. Neither the ERP Project Homepage or Human Resources's Homepage have links to it (that I could find).


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    I agree, it is frustrating. I have it bookmarked on my PC, but when I log in from anywhere else I have to run a search of the Case domain.

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    I've found there is a way to get to it without bookmarking or memorizing an impossible URL but it takes a few clicks.

    From the Case homepage:

    1) Click Work at Case
    2) Click Controller's Office
    3) Click Peoplesoft ERP (on the right side)
    4) Under Quicklinks (on the left), click Peoplesoft Access.
    5) Type in your CaseID & password.

    That gives you links to the three ERP modules:
    1) Financials
    2) Reporting
    3) HCM

    It would be nice if someday they make it a little easier to get to.

    Hope this helps...