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Jim Nauer and Heidi Cool: überCSSGurus

Okay, the Blog@Case Directory is, as far as I can tell, done. The main style works on IE, Firefox, and Safari. It was done by Heidi Cool. Jeremy officially recognizes Heidi as an überCSSGuru.

The second style only works on Firefox and can be accessed via the stylesheet switcher (View → Page Style → Retro Style). Or, you can use the URL That style was done by Jim Nauer; another officially recognized überCSSGuru.


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    > The second style only works on Firefox

    Hmm... seems to work fine on galeon and seamonkey.

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    Works in Opera, too (Opera also supports the 'alternate stylesheet' option)...sort of. Spacing between the DT and DD is whacked (Firefox has an off-by-one bug in there as well)

    The original version I sent to Jeremy was based on changing the HTML for the page (mostly because I couldn't figure out how to get the DT and DD elements on the same line), and looked a bit better as a result. I consulted a real überCSSguru who showed me how to do properly without mangling the markup it in less time than it took to get through the first segment of The Iron Chef. I'll send the New, Improved! markup to Jeremy as soon as I get a chance to test it (could take a few days--my vacation is being almost completely consumed by the CIFF).

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    Jim's also works pretty well in Camino, though I did see the spacing problem in mentioned in Safari. Both his html and css validate perfectly, so overall I'd say this is just another example of why friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer.

    When I was doing mine it first looked fine in the gecko-based browsers then I had to go back and do some tweaking to get it to work properly in IE. Explorer's interpretation of CSS margins remains counterintuitive, so one often has to tinker with the darn things.