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University's Using CMSs

Via Is CMS a cure for tangled Web?, I found this link — Oh, What a Tangled Web...

We've all seen those college websites that make no sense. They are afterthoughts or the end result of ill-conceived student projects. There is no consistent color scheme from page to page; the fonts vary. The only area that received a professional design's tender, loving care was the homepage, but the links there lead to a maze of information that is dated, or hard to navigate. Worst are the websites with information that contradicts itself. Ever hear of a college that posted different tuition prices on its web pages? No one is willing to name names, but more than one higher ed web manager swears it has happened.

A CMS will not, necessarily, fix any of those things. It may make following the "blessed" templates and styles easier, but unless it actually makes everything easier and better, it's worthlessness will be measured in it's lack of use. And, a person can just as easily use a CMS to post inaccurate information (RE: tuition costs) as they could without the use of one.

Software does not make better people. Software can make the good people more productive. It has never and will never enable bad people to suddenly become good people. A CMS is not a silver bullet.

At some point, I really need to post my Feature/Function Requirements for what a CMS should be able to do...