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My Blog Looks Like Crap in IE

So, I have been making small incremental changes to my templates (which will eventually become the new default templates unless someone steps up to the plate to do better); and I have done some not-so-small changes. Each time I do it, I make sure it looks fine in the browser I use. Unfortunately, I haven't been checking on IE; and it seems like everything looks like crap.

And, judging by my stats, around 40% of those that visit here use IE.

Uh, so... uhh... sorry about that folks. Didn't mean to make my page look broken.

I may spend some time later this week brushing up on the latest versions of the hacks and getting the CSS working in that browser as well.


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    Only 40% of the visitors use IE? We must have a wonderfully Firefox-ed campus here at Case!

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    Internet Explorer is like an untrained puppy. One always needs to clean up the mess. That's great to see that only 40% are using it. Last year at this time ~83% of visitors to the alumni site were using I.E. I just checked the March stats and it now looks like it is down to 43%. Word of the power of the gecko must be spreading!

    If you add
    img {border: 0;}
    to your style sheet you can get rid of the nasty box around your logo.

    I find sometimes I end up using padding where I'd rather use margin just to get around some of IE's wierdness with the box model. Like the hacks though it is annoying to have to jury-rig the pages that way.

    Regarding the standard template, what if we did a variation of I could tinker with that a bit.

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    Regarding the standard template, what if we did a variation of

    The directory looks pretty good. I think a template based on that would work well.