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Shibbolized Plone

"Shibbolizing" Zope

This combined with Shibbolized Moodle are good portents for CMSs buying into the concept of Federated Identities. It's important for the more, how shall I call them, "agile" CMSs to make inroads into the arena to force the "larger" vendors to follow suit.

One of the most important applications to leverage Federated Identity is CMSs. Imagine being able to quickly and easily create a web resource and then protect it. And, not just "protect it" by saying "only let valid Case users in"; but be able to say:

The benefits are self-evident. It's good to see that CMSs are some of the first quickly moving in on it.


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    Below is a notice on a program that UCITE is having. You and others you know may be interested in attending.


    UCITE Seminar for April 7 -- Using technology in teaching II: More than just Blackboard

    This is the second session of a series designed to make faculty aware of the human and technical resources that are available at Case through the ITAC (Instructional Technology and Academic Computing) group, that faculty can draw upon to use in their research and teaching.

    At the first session in this series, Dr. Mace Mentch (Faculty Support Manager at ITAC) demonstrated some of the more promising developments that have come along and are currently available to all faculty at Case including discussion boards, chat, mobile technology, videoconferencing, and iCohere (a social computing application.).

    At this second session, Mace will discuss and demonstrate wiki, mobile technology (swarms and mobs), blogging, and gaming/simulations. More information about ITAC services can be obtained from their website which can be accessed from the UCITE homepage at

    The session will focus on what each item is, why it is important, and how is it being used in higher education. Please join us on Thursday, April 7 from 12:00 -1:00pm in the Herrick Room, which is on the ground floor of Allen building (at the corner of Euclid and Adelbert) and immediately on the left if you enter through the revolving door of the Euclid Avenue entrance.

    As usual, you can reserve a lunch by replying to this email, by calling UCITE at 368-1224 or by emailing to You can also register through our website -- just go to and click on "Events."

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    I'm not sure i really have any understanding of what this is. How would we use that kind of functionality at case? Would it become a blackboard-like extension of blogs?