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Where Are the New Blog@Case Features?

Almost 2 months ago, there was a post announcing the push towards the non-Beta release of the Blog@Case system. What's happened in the last 2 months? Why isn't it done yet?

Well, if you've been following along some of my posts, you've seen a great many of the features are already out and about; they just haven't been formally announced. I had planned on making an April 1st deadline, but that has slipped because other priorities cropped up between then and the official word of the race-to-version-1.0.

Now, I am sitting at the cusp of being finished (only a couple more big pushes of productivity should finish things off); but another serious priority has cropped up. We have this thing called the Legacy System. It's been around for a long time causing trouble. I'm not going to get in to what it does or why it is bad – just trust me – the thing's a headache. We've wanted to get rid of it for years, now, but have never had the opportunity to take the time and really rip it out.

However, a series of recent events have transpired unequivocally proving that it is time: The Legacy System Must Go. So, we actually sat down, walked through all the tasks that needed to get done, fleshed out some of the darker corners, and begun work on some of the steps necessary.

For the next while, I will be splitting my time between this system and that system (on top of the other systems I split time with), trying to vanquish the Legacy System.

I will be so happy to see it go. It easily accounts for the majority of the operational load we, in Middleware, have to deal with day-in-day-out. Removing it will streamline a lot of tasks and decouple systems whose main "coupling points" where the iron chains the Legacy System had them wrapped together in.

I never really thought I would be able to see the finish line with this thing.


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    This makes me very happy. The legacy system seems to always be the wrench in my plans :)

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    Jeremy, I see the note on the Blog@Case homepage re: WebDAV access but see no instructional link. Any chance such a beast could manifest?

    Re: Carmen's comment. It's a good thing I'm in the habit of re-reading before commenting... the first time through I read it as "...legacy system seems to always be the wench in my plans..." Provocative, and maybe funny but, not at all what Carmen intended.