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Look at New York City's Wiki. Want to read about great Japanese Restaurants in New York. Or, maybe you are looking for information on some of the High Schools in the area; or you want to read about Union Square Park or the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. It's all there. It's all editable. It's a community of collaboration creating the information for their digital city.

And, NYC's wiki isn't nearly as impressive as Seattle's Wiki.

So, what is stopping Cleveland from entering the fray? Probably initiative. Probably hosting. Probably bandwidth. Probably know-how. But, probably, mostly initiative.

I would be more than happy to set it up. I've been trying to do some rabble-rousing saying, "Case should host this." "I can contact the people over at the Plain Dealer who host I can talk to the guy to point the DNS record for over to a server hosted by Case Western. We'll throw a wiki up there and splash a big "Powered by Case" logo on at the top. It's good for Cleveland. It's good for us." Unfortunately, the idea has yet to gain any good traction. It may take some guerilla tactics to see if this idea has any legs.

At the very least, it would generate a nice big news post that gets caught up in the cycle:

In a joint effort spearheaded by Case Western Reserve University between the City of Cleveland, the Plain Dealer, and OneCleveland; a new tool is now provided to the Cleveland community to help promote, collaborate, a disseminate information about our emerging digital city. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Maybe this blog entry can stir up some interest. Then, at the very least, The Cleveland Wifi Wiki could find a better home than someone's desktop attached to the Internet via DSL.


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    Great idea! Wikis are invaluable.

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    I reposted part of your entry over at and it caused quite the ruckus.

    Please drop me an email an we'll discuss. I'd love to put the connections together to get this done...


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    I think that's a superb idea. We could build on what Seattle is doing by including historic resources such as and

    I've collected a number of such links at:

    Regarding the domain, if the PD doesn't go for it, what about This sounds like something Mulready would endorse.

    If you go forward and want help on initial content development and/or graphic design let me know.

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    Wow, Heidi, that would all be prime content for a Cleveland wiki!

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    I think it would be really easy to gather the initial links. We've already gathered so much for other purposes. For example, for a transportation category we have:

    If we can stock the wiki full of all this content when it launches, then the local community can just build on an already sturdy foundation.

    We've also got some good stuff at:

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    Hmmm. Now that I see my gravatar on your blog, I think I might want to change it to something more obscure.

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    Gee, Heidi, you have that one cropped so tight I almost didn't recognize you.

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    I had to crop it to remove the doublechin!

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    Wow guys, I thought this was an excellent idea so I went ahead and started a little something. This would be great for the city. There's nothing there yet, but I am hoping that you guys are still enthusiastic about this and would be willing to help out.

    I purchased and have set up the site with hosting. I found a good wiki program - the same one used at wikipedia - and installed that on the server. All we need now is people to help fill in the content. I would like to get some "project managers" to help spearhead this thing...and then we can branch out and get more people to help fill in content. What do you say?

    I am excited....question is... are you guys still? We can make this happen ourselves!