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What Does SOAP/WS Do that A REST System Can't?

XML-development Mailing List: What Does SOAP/WS Do that A REST System Can't?

The thread is an excellent read for those of you interested in (so-called) Web Services. But, by far, the funniest reply was this one, which I will quote almost in its entirety:

  1. Provides big vendors with new vendor lock-in and marketing spin opportunities.
  2. Adds additional complexity and obfuscation that are unnecessary in many circumstances.
  3. Adds a lot of overhead.
  4. Provides a marked reduction in scalability, especially when used by the unwashed masses as an RPC mechanism.
  5. Highlights the beauty of KISS-based approaches.
  6. Lets you create an acronym that has no formal expansion, which sounds like an oxymoron.
  7. Gives the XML-Dev group, and the industry as a whole, lots to discuss/argue about.
  8. Opens up the door to silly questions.