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Social Network ePortfolio

From EdBlogger Praxis, I stumbled across a PDF presentation that outlines a conceptual "Social Network ePortfolio" or, in other words, the "Digital Aggregation of a Person's Online Content." Because some of the slides were so good, I have reproduced them here. If you want to view the original documents, check out From blogs to Social Network ePortfolio.

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    This vaguely resembles some of 360 degree material taught in MGMT 403 here at CWRU and esposued in Primal Leadership. Kind of neat, but I find myself running into a couple of obstacles with my online presence...

    The first is a self consciouness that stems from wondering "who cares?" One of the assignments in MGMT 403 was to write a learning plan that covered both short and long term goals. For me this was basically an extension of a list I have kept for a couple years titled "things to do Before You're Dead," which had a lot entries starting with "Learn to..." However, it just seems almost vain to share "my learning path" in a public forum. While I like chatting about it with friends and family, posting it here would make me feel like the guy that talks really loudly about himself because he thinks other people will listen and think to themselves "wow what a cool guy!" The funny thing is that I voyeuristically enjoy reading some of the more frivolous entries seen in I enjoy writing too, if only to sort out my thoughts, and yes, I do realize that my weblog is fairly frivolous.

    The second constraint is that I am not sure that I should be posting some of the more useful things I have learned in the last year to a public forum. To a certain degree, confidentiality is required when dealing with R&D, but there is so much tribal knowledge that it almost seems wrong not to document some of this publicly.

    The third aspect is that "artifact of my learnings" might be better stored in another medium like a wiki. If CWRU were to offer to host wikis I would make a point of jumping on that opportunity.

    Anyway, I do appreciate the hosting and the effort put in by JMS and the other support staff, and I do look forward to seeing more material on