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FINALLY!: apt-get on my Red Hat Boxes

root@RedHat Box:/# apt-get update
Get:1 fedora/linux/1/i386 release [1811B]
Get:2 redhat/7.3/i386 release [1178B]
Fetched 2989B in 1s (1954B/s)
Get:1 fedora/linux/1/i386/core pkglist [1445kB]
Get:2 fedora/linux/1/i386/core release [151B]
Get:3 fedora/linux/1/i386/updates pkglist [454kB]
Get:4 fedora/linux/1/i386/updates release [157B]
Get:5 fedora/linux/1/i386/freshrpms pkglist [184kB]
Get:6 fedora/linux/1/i386/freshrpms release [161B]
Get:7 redhat/7.3/i386/os pkglist [1229kB]
Get:8 redhat/7.3/i386/os release [144B]
Get:9 redhat/7.3/i386/updates pkglist [525kB]
Get:10 redhat/7.3/i386/updates release [157B]
Get:11 redhat/7.3/i386/freshrpms pkglist [138kB]
Get:12 redhat/7.3/i386/freshrpms release [161B]
Get:13 redhat/7.3/i386/os srclist [148kB]
Get:14 redhat/7.3/i386/updates srclist [33.8kB]
Get:15 redhat/7.3/i386/freshrpms srclist [34.9kB]
Fetched 4192kB in 16m4s (4345B/s)
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
root@root@RedHat Box:/#

The world seems right again. And, my productivity on these boxes should increase by 47,933%.

Now, does anyone run a local mirror of We have a local Debian mirror on campus, now we need one for Red Hat.