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Case Personal Portal Mockup

Thinking/talking more about Personal Portals. Like, what is the difference between the University Portal and a Personal Portal. The difference is context. The University portal shows you information in the context of the University. A Personal portal shows you information in the context of your Case identity.

See the difference? Would a mock-up help? Here you go — CaseSpace: Jeremy Smith.

There's a lot of hand-wavery in there (remember, it is just a mock-up). Some of it is self-explanatory e.g. the directory information comes from (where else?) the directory server. The other information comes from various RSS feeds. But, where does the data from the calendar come from? What about publication URIs? The photo? Where do those links for "interests" and "favorites" go? How would it know what organizations you belong or what classes you are enrolled in? How is the data edited?

How does it integrate with other Case offered services?

Some of these items have been fleshed out in our internal Wiki. Some of them are only fleshed out in my mind. Granted, a lot of the sources of information need to get into the Directory Server such as Student Organization groupings and course groupings. Integration with the document sharing portions and a collaboration suite are easy if one has a WebDAV enabled collaboration suite. Oh, yea, and this would export everything... EVERYTHING in RSS format for easy integration into all kinds of things in a myriad of different ways.

There's some other nuances. It's all in my head. Everything is always in my head.


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    This ROCKS. It's My Yahoo on crack. Implementation of such a system would make an excelent counter or compliment to My Case.

    Yes, My Case is good for when I want to pull together resources from a whole bunch of people or services but, it looks amasingly banal when you strip it down to just the things that are specific to you.

    Give me the Daily Planner, KSLearn, Mail, and the RSS from my blog without any of the other stuff I don't really use and it looks pretty sparse. Top it off with the flexibility of you describe and you have a product people will actually use.

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    Sounds terrific. I have built several such portals (all flash, the most recent having been modified into the current ) but never had the architechture to build on, or really, the ammount of information to justify its existance. If you wanted to be really edgy you would try and integrate file sharing in some way like wirehog ( ) and you can pretty much gaurantee an appreciated product. Case students shure are good at sharing.

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    Just found a new easy way to add another piece of info to the blog, it's called sigamp ( and i have an example of it featured in the //nerds section of my blog. sigAmp Test