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Integrating a Wiki Service with Other Case Services

Let's theoretically say, Case hosted a Wiki; in what ways should the wiki service integrate with the other services offered at Case?

I can think of one easy one. If you surround a word with double square brackets in a blog entry, it automatically becomes a Wiki word that points to the Case wiki. So, if you typed something like:

Today, I walked around the Botanical Gardens
and checked out the Art Museum.

The phrases Botanical Gardens and Art Museum would automatically become links to the appropriate Wiki node once published.

But, what other ways should integration occur with the Blog@Case system? And, in what ways should it integrate with other services like the Portal?

What about Blackboard? As a matter of fact, I have heard that the administrators of Blackboard may be adding in the Learning Objects' Campus Pack plugin, which, in some fashion (it's hard to deduce from reading the documentation), offers blog and wiki functionality. How should all of that integrate together? Should it integrate together?

Just thinking...


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    Have you heard of liquid text? Its an interesting concept for crosslinking words all to each other as a new hyper text standard.